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BIOSMAN's Return Policy
Return, Refund & Warranty Information

The BIOSMAN BIOS replacement service is designed to replace a non functional BIOS on a motherboard caused by a BIOS flash gone bad, accidently flashing the wrong BIOS, damage by a virus, a physically damaged chip or other reasons leaving you with a non functional PC. You can check our recovery process first then your motherboard manufacturers site to see if there is a recovery process that can be attempted.

By ordering replacement a BIOS chip(s), you are specifying to BIOSMAN Inc. that you are or are acting on behalf of the rightful owner of the specified motherboard and request that BIOSMAN obtain the latest available BIOS as made publicly available from the manufacturer (or your specified BIOS) and program that BIOS onto a new chip to replace a defective or corrupted chip or as a backup pursuant to any applicable license agreement.

BIOSMAN in most cases does not create the BIOS, we download it from the motherboard manufacturers website to our database. BIOSMAN Inc. cannot be held liable for faulty BIOS's. However, each new chip comes with a one-time, complimentary reprogramming good for 6 months after purchase. BIOSMAN may send a replacement chip free of charge under certain circumstances.

BIOSMAN Inc. is not in any way responsible for any physical damage done to the motherboard or BIOS chip(s) caused by using tools sold by BIOSMAN or any other BIOS removal method.

BIOSMAN Inc. and its employees are not responsible for any loss or damages which may occur, regardless of whether or not BIOSMAN Inc. has been made aware of the possibility of such loss damages.

Replacement BIOS chips are made to order and are not returnable. The total charge shown for the replacement chip includes the cost of the chip itself and a labor fee. Orders may be cancelled for a full refund before shipping has occured. Orders cancelled after shipping are NCNR (Non Cancellable and Non Returnable) as specified on your invoice before you paid BIOSMAN Inc.

BIOSMAN Inc. is not responsible for any lost or misdirected mail. It is specifically pointed out that items sent via U.S. Mail are not insured or tracked. Items shipped via FedEx or UPS are insured, and are fully trackable and traceable.

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