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Welcome to BIOSMAN Inc! - Old BIOS Chips

This site is the BIOS Update site you have been looking for! Do NOT attempt a BIOS update without having a spare BIOS chip handy! Buy an extra BIOS chip with the latest BIOS for your system. How long will you be down if your BIOS update via flash fails?-----ITS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!-----Spend the $25.00 for a backup BIOS update now! Already blown your BIOS? No problem! Order your replacement or backup BIOS chip below!I

Re-use your old BIOS chip
Option 1 (Recommended)

Option 1 (preferred)

If you send us your old BIOS chip (eeprom) AND purchase a new BIOS chip, we will program both with your motherboard's BIOS for a total cost of $37.00! This way if you ever have a BIOS problem again, just exchange the BIOS chip with your backup one and save yourself $27 and headache!

Once you receive your newly programmed BIOS chip from BIOSMAN, use the same protective, static safe container to send us your old chip. It will be programmed and returned to you. All you need to do is provide a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) inside the package so we can ship the BIOS chip back to you at your cost.

If you neglect to send the SASE we may hold your backup chip until shipping fee is received.

If you have questions about this service, please email us.

With this service you will order two items from the BIOSMAN store:

1. Order the correct BIOS chip (PLCC or DIP), and fill out the required information.

2. Order either the' DIP new and Old ' or the 'PLCC new and old' option.

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NOTE: We offer two services that can utilize your old BIOS chip and save you money and hassle in the future. Keep in mind these chips are designed to outlast your motherboard, so if your problem occurred while flashing the BIOS, the chip is most likely fine!

Re-use your old BIOS chip
Option 2
If you want to lower the cost of the reprogramming fee and can live without your board for a while, you can send us your BIOS chip and we will program it at a $7.00 discount from the normal rate. (Your cost will be $20.00 plus the cost of shipping to BIOSMAN). We will ship back to you at our cost.

Purchase this if you want us to re program your old BIOS chip. We suggest you only choose this option if something went wrong during the BIOS update (flash). BIOSMAN will reprogram your BIOS chip. However if the chip is not programmable we will offer you a chance to pay $7.00 to get a new replacement chip. Otherwise we will refund $15.00 ($5.00 processing fee)

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you purchase this service, you are required to send us the BIOS file. Send the invoice number in the subject line.

Email it to:

We suggest you make sure it's available before making payment.

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