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Welcome to BIOSMAN inc! - Identify Motherboard

This site is the BIOS Update site you have been looking for! Do NOT attempt a BIOS update without having a spare BIOS chip handy! Buy an extra BIOS chip with the latest BIOS for your system. How long will you be down if your BIOS update via flash fails?-----ITS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!-----Spend the $25.00 for a backup BIOS update now! Already blown your BIOS? No problem! Order your replacement or backup BIOS chip below!I

Identifying your motherboard
A-Z ( Abit to VIA)

Well, If you have no idea what board you have this could be difficult. But as this is required in order to replace the BIOS chip, you have some options:

1. Look on the motherboard itself. Most motherboards will tell you the manufacturer and model number. 99% of the time it's printed on there somewhere!

2. Check the manual that came with the motherboard, or the box it came in. If it's part of a system you might just need the system name and not the actual motherboard. Go to the website and see if you can find it.

3. Sometimes you can ID the board by the FCC number if it's on the board. go to this link:

4. Other than that if the board isn't running there isn't much for you to do. If the board is running and you just want a backup bios chip you can check your 'system information ' and get the board and bios version or run ctbios.exe or sisoft sandra or other utils.

We need your motherboard information to replace your BIOS chip. Below are some examples of what we need PLEASE be very specific, for instance if there are versions of your board with NICS or with Audio or different revs, let us know. We suggest going to the motherboard companies website and verfiying it.

Asus / P4DPE BP

Gigabyte / GA-SINXP1394( GA-8sq800 Ultra2)

Tyan Thunder K7 S2462UGN

MSI / 845GVM-L

If you bought a 'no brand' system that was already built and have no idea what motherboard is in there, then open the chassis and look for the board name. It's on the board. While you're in their find the BIOS chip, and remove the sticker as we need that info also!

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