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Welcome to BIOSMAN Inc! - BIOS Guarantee

This site is the BIOS Update site you have been looking for! Do NOT attempt a BIOS update without having a spare BIOS chip handy! Buy an extra BIOS chip with the latest BIOS for your system. How long will you be down if your BIOS update via flash fails?-----ITS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!-----Spend the $25.00 for a backup BIOS update now! Already blown your BIOS? No problem! Order your replacement or backup BIOS chip below!I

BIOSMAN's services
Guarantee Service

The BIOS Guarantee is designed to alleviate some stress and resources from small-medium PC builders, system integrators and or any company that has chronic BIOS corruption problems.

For $20.00 per system* we will sell a 36 month guarantee to replace the BIOS chip on each PC you sell. Starting from the date the BIOS guarantee is sold. The BIOS chip can be replaced up to two times in the 36 month period with this guarantee.

So if BIOS corruption/damage occurs for any reason. We will send a replacement chip free of charge to your customer!** If your tech support determines that your customer may need a new bios chip they contact us, give us the BIOS guarantee number and we ship one out. If your customer flashes BIOS and the flash fails our Guarantee will be on a sticker inside their PC. All they have to do is email us, and give their BIOS guarantee number. We will then check our database and send the chip needed already programmed with the latest bios for their board.

If it's easier for you to ship the chip to your site instead of customers it is all negotiable. Technicalities can be worked out on individual basis.

When the guarantee is activated, your customer will receive by mail:

.....1. Pre programmed & verified BIOS chip for their system.

.....2. One set of IC extractors

.....3. Instructions on the removal and replacement procedure.

For more details send an email to BIOSMAN and include as much information as you can provide about your needs. We will contact you and discuss the details.

Onsite support is limited and will be an extra fee. Location is also dependent. Each fee can be negotiated in relation to quantity and services etc.

*BIOSMAN sells the guarantee to the PC dealer for $20.00 . Quantity discounts will apply.

**We will ship standard US Mail. If you desire faster service the fee will be higher.

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