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Welcome to BIOSMAN Inc! - Custom BIOS & Logo

This site is the BIOS Update site you have been looking for! Do NOT attempt a BIOS update without having a spare BIOS chip handy! Buy an extra BIOS chip with the latest BIOS for your system. How long will you be down if your BIOS update via flash fails?-----ITS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!-----Spend the $25.00 for a backup BIOS update now! Already blown your BIOS? No problem! Order your replacement or backup BIOS chip below!I

Custom Settings

Creating custom settings can be done with certain AMI, Award and Phoenix BIOS's. The Custom settings can benefit companies who have to change the default bios settings for their needs every time they build a system.

For instance, say you ship 10 or more PC's a month. You have to go into each BIOS and set PnP to yes, Boot order, AGP settings, memory settings, Cl 2 or 2.5 etc. Well we offer the same bios you use with the default settings you need already enabled.

What we need:

1.Send us a word doc, excel sheet or printscreen with your desired settings and the original BIOS itself.

2. We will test to see if the BIOS is editable.

3.Send the email with attachments to BIOS must be attached.

Once we check your bios and desired settings and know if it can work, we will send you an invoice with payment instructions. You can use your atm or credit cards. The fee is always dependent on the type of work needed etc. Quotes are free.

You can use this opportunity to get your boards latest BIOS. (you can download the latest version of your bios from your motherboard vendors website)

Copyright © 2006 BIOSMAN. All rights reserved.

Adding Logo's

Adding a logo can be done only on certain BIOS's. Usually if your BIOS already has a logo we can replace it.Your replacement logo must meet certain requirements:

1. Resolution= 640/480 pixels
2. Size = 150K
3. Colors= 16
4. Format= .bmp

If you can meet those essential requirements and your bios supports logo's, you can send yours to us and we will add it to your BIOS.

Send us an email and explain exactly what you want. I suggest using microsoft paint to finalize your logo. The send an email to and include your:

1. Desired logo (attach it to the email)

2. A copy of your BIOS. You can download the latest version of the bios for your particular motherboard. Check this link if needed: motherboard vendors

Once we check your BIOS and logo and know if it can work, we will send you an invoice. with payment instructions.

You can use your atm, credit cards or PayPal. The fee is only $40.00 for one board and $120.00 for unlimited use (multiple boards). That includes all the troubleshooting and adjusting we may have to do.

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