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BIOS Updates Pros and Cons
We sell BIOS Update Chips

BIOS updates although necessary in some cases especially for older systems, usually are not worth the risk. There is seldom any performance gain. If you read warnings on motherboard manufacturers websites they all warn of possible failures. Since ASUS is the largest motherboard manufacturer take a look at their warning for ASUS BIOS updates:

"Updating the BIOS only if you have problems and you are sure that the new BIOS revision will solve your problems. Careless updating may result to more problems with the motherboard!"

Here is Tyan's BIOS updates warning:


Please be aware that by downloading this BIOS package you agree that in the event of a BIOS flash failure, you must contact your dealer for a replacement BIOS.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  Tyan does not have a policy of replacing BIOS chips directly with end users.  Flashing a BIOS should only be attempted by a qualified technician.  BIOS updates are provided for evaluation purposes only.  All BIOS revisions are released on an "as-is" basis only.

Ok so get the picture? BIOS updates have the potential to cause your system to fail. The worst case scenario your system will never boot again until you purchase a new BIOS replacement chip from us or one of the other BIOS chip vendors. The motherboard companies are not obligated to send you a new BIOS chip.

So lets say you do need a BIOS update. Your new SLI video card requires a BIOS update from your motherboard manufacturer to run in SLI mode. Let's say the BIOS update exists you downloaded it and are ready to update the motherboard BIOS. Stop and think!!. If the flash process fails, what will you do? How will you recover? Will you be one of the unlucky ones? If you can live without your PC for a week while you wait for a replacement BIOS chip to show up, then go ahead and update your BIOS!

If you'd rather be safe than sorry though, buy the BIOS update from us, the benefits are:

1. No Down time.
2. You will always have your old BIOS chip as a backup
3. You can have us reprogram your old chip to a newer version later
4. Peace of mind because you know your BIOS updates are in the mail
5. If you sell your motherboard or system later on, mention the spare BIOS chip it comes with and your sale will appear more professional and reliable.
6. Easy to follow instruction on BIOS removal. << click link to see demo

If you still decide to do the BIOS update yourself, good luck! If you can't take a chance of downtime order your chip from BIOSMAN. The right side of this page has a link. If you need to know more about BIOS chips before ordering no problem! Just click here: BIOS chips. << click for link

If you want to try and recover from a failed BIOS update without buying a BIOS chip then you can try our BIOS recovery techniques << click for link .

We discuss how to recover from failed AWARD BIOS updates and AMI BIOS updates. You may also read about a BIOS hot flash in our BIOS Faqs page. There currently i no known technique to recover from a failed Phoenix BIOS update ither than buying a replacement BIOS chip.

When you order your new BIOS update chip, make sure you enter the correct information. We need the BIOS chip information, NOT the stuff on the sticker(s)!!

(DIP type shown)

bios chip replacement

We recommend you replace your battery if you intend on purchasing a BIOS update chip.

NOTE: We cannot upgrade DELL computer BIOS's. Dell does not provide the binary file we need. Also, laptops can be done if the BIOS is available. Please email the BIOS you want programmed when ordering laptop BIOS's.
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As mentioned we at BIOSMAN recommend not performing a bios updates unless absolutely necessary. Remember we make most of our money from failed BIOS updates!! if you must update your BIOS though, we suggest purchasing a already programmed BIOS update chip rather than flashing it yourself. Either way it's a win win situation.


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