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Welcome to BIOSMAN Inc! - About BIOSMAN.

This site is the BIOS Update site you have been looking for! Do NOT attempt a BIOS update without having a spare BIOS chip handy! Buy an extra BIOS chip with the latest BIOS for your system. How long will you be down if your BIOS update via flash fails?-----ITS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!-----Spend the $25.00 for a backup BIOS update now! Already blown your BIOS? No problem! Order your replacement or backup BIOS chip below!I

About BIOSMAN Inc.
Our Mission

BIOSMAN is dedicated to providing a low cost BIOS chip replacement service and providing the most important BIOS related information, utilities and links.

Due to constant BIOS updates from motherboard companies, and the need for the consumer to flash these BIOS updates, it is inevitable that occasionally something can and will go wrong.

When this happens the motherboard companies are not going to give you a new BIOS chip.

BIOSMAN is your answer!

We at BIOSMAN recommend never performing a BIOS Update unless you feel it's absolutely vital for your computer. If you must update your BIOS, consider the ramifications of a bad flash. What will you do? It may be better to buy a BIOS update already programmed on a BIOS chip from us. If you had a bad flash, go to our BIOS recovery pages before ordering. If you can resolve your problem without buying a chip from us... consider buying Rob a Beer!

BIOSMAN also has experienced BIOS engineers available to work on any type of BIOS project.


BIOSMAN Inc. in no way represents AMI BIOS, AWARD BIOS, or PHOENIX BIOS, nor do we claim to be endorsed by them. Our primary service is programming BIOS chips with BIOS's downloadable from motherboard vendor's websites. The BIOS's BIOSMAN programs on your new BIOS chip(s) are the same BIOS's downloadable by any consumer.

Our service is used when you cannot recover from a bad flash or other BIOS problems.

For any questions regarding this please email us.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you find what you need here!

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