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NOTE: We cannot upgrade DELL computer BIOS's. Dell does not provide the binary file we need.

Laptops can be done if the BIOS is available. Please email the BIOS you want programmed when ordering laptop BIOS's.

AcoustiBuds -for iPhone & iPod

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Product Description

ACOUSTIBUDS Silicone Adapters for Earphones AND Bluetooth Headsets. MADE IN THE USA. Fits iPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Zune, Walkman, Jawbone 2, Blueant Z9, Jabra BT3010 and many more! Comes in White or Black; Two Pair & Two Sizes in each box.

Acoustibuds is a novel earpiece fitting for the earphones that are sold with iPods, iPhones and most MP3 players.

Acoustibuds revitalizes these earphones to provide snug retention, comfort, enriched acoustics and sound isolation.

Stays in better: Acoustibuds use closely spaced flexible fins to stay in the ear more securely. The series of tall, soft and conformable fins flex in a manner that easily fit and retain to the ear. Even with perspiration and extreme physical activity, these fins continue to hold the earphone securely in place due to their unique profile and spacing.

Sounds better: Superior sound isolation is also created with the fins. The seal they provide helps to eliminate air gaps and create a multitude of sound barriers that both block out unwanted noise from outside and keep audio from escaping from the inside. Volume and bass frequencies are amplified allowing operation of your MP3 at a lower volume setting. Inside, the "Twin Cone Core" better channels the sound wave in your ear. The twin cone core guides the sound wave like a miniature acoustic horn to minimize sound impedance to provide enriched middle and upper range frequencies. The fit of the earphone to your ear and how the sound wave is channeled inside your ear are fundamental to acoustic quality. Both the fins and the twin cone core features are firsts for earphones and are unique to Acoustibuds audio technology.

Feels better: Acoustibuds are formed from very soft hypoallergenic silicone rubber. This material, the fin geometry and the earpiece structure help to conform to the shape of the ear and provide increased comfort.

The Acoustibuds are our favorite iPhone gadget!

Consider combining this product with the ACOUSTIGRIPS wire 'micro-management' for earphone and headphone wires!

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